45 Wars

A Living History Rockumentary of World War 2

Scored with contemporary music, and illustrated with riveting archival and cultural footage, 45 Wars is told exclusively through gripping first person accounts from the American men and women who fought WW2; innocent kids, coming of age in a world suddenly gone mad with war.

Forged by suffering, sacrifice and salvation, they changed the course of history, transforming a hopelessly lost cause into an epic global victory. From Pearl Harbor to Okinawa, London to Berlin, they vividly relive their moments of history, horror and humanity.

Some spoke of their wars for the first time anywhere, to anyone. Many have passed on since they spoke. All wanted future generations to know what happened…and learn from their experience.

45 Wars is unlike any other WW2 documentary. From first loves to first kills, high-flying bombers to hand-to-hand combat, days of boredom to moments of pure terror, those who lived World War 2 reveal the eyewitness history seared in their memories.

45 Wars is the first in a series of “living history rockumentaries” produced to entertain, inspire and enlighten generations about the critical events and people that shaped their worlds.

IFF Award© Gerard Films. DVD Available Soon.